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PayPal Express Checkout not rounding up for Charity or returning correctly


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Hello all,


I'm running v2.3.4 BSr with Apache, PHP 7 and  MySQL 5.6


I'm using Charity Round Up in my checkout process and it works perfect when I tested it with Check/Money Order and Will Call With Credit Card Info. The add-on can be seen here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6073.


Now I'm testing it with PayPal Express Checkout and it's not showing the donation or total correctly while at PayPal, nor does it on the return from PayPal. I tested the same product so everything would match like, price, weight, address, etc.


Below you can see it came out right using Check/Money Order and Will Call With Credit Card Info from my site in one order. Then you'll see how it shows up in another order at PayPal. It shows the Donation to Charity @ $0.75 and the Total @ $1.98 USD. The donation should $0.77 and the Total should be $2.00. I'm not worried about the Tax: @ $0.06 or the Shipping and handling: @ $0.27 because in terms of tax they equate to $0.08 which is correct for my tax zone and tax rate.


And lastly you'll see the return from PayPal. There isn't any mention of the donation and the Total is $1.23. So $2.00 (which would be correct) minus the donation of $0.77, leaves $1.23. As you can see PayPal completely wiped out the donation when it processed the payment.


Does anyone have any idea why or what's wrong? Is there a change I need to make somewhere? I can do the work, I just need to know what to do. Some help would be appreciated.




On my site viewing the order and, from Orders Processed.
Using my Checkout button, the order shows as it should.

1 x     Benchmaster BenchMaster Field Spikes    $1.00
Sub-Total:                                                             $1.00
Discount (test1):                                                  -$0.10
Shipping (Economy : 0.7 lbs.):                             $0.25
Donation to Charity:                                             $0.77
Ohio Local Sales Tax:                                          $0.08
Total:                                                                    $2.00
Order Total:                                                          $2.00


Leaving my site using the PayPal Express Checkout
button the order shows up at PayPal as this:

Benchmaster BenchMaster Field Spikes            $1.00
Item number: 2451
Item price: $1.00
Quantity: 1

Discount (test1)                                                  $-0.10
Item price: $-0.10

Donation to Charity                                             $0.75
Item price: $0.75
Quantity: 1

Item total:                                                            $1.65
Tax:                                                                     $0.06
Shipping and handling:                                       $0.27
                                                           Total $1.98 USD


Returning to my site after PayPal Express Checkout
the order shows up in the Order Processed as this:

1 x     Benchmaster BenchMaster Field Spikes    $1.00
Sub-Total:                                                             $1.00
Discount (test1):                                                  -$0.10
Shipping Economy : 0.7 lbs.:                                $0.25
Ohio Local Sales Tax:                                           $0.08
Total:                                                                     $1.23
Order Total:                                                           $1.23



Thank you



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Only the paypal express module in the paypal app works correctly with discounts. So if you are not using that addon, you will need to install it. I am not familiar with the addon you are using so I can't say if it will work with the Express code as is, though I am not aware of any properly written discount modules not working with the Express module from the app.

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Hello @@Jack_mcs,


I will install the PayPal App if it is needed but, the discount isn't what I'm having a problem with. My problem is with the donation to charity. The discount mod I'm using and the donation to charity mod both work flawlessly when I DON'T use PayPal Express. Even when I do use PayPal Express, my discount mod works accordingly as you can see from my earlier post. Somewhere in the mix with PayPal the donation first gets altered by them, and then deleted while processing and on the return. That's why I was wondering if it's a PayPal Issue or a osC mod issue.


I looked at the PayPal App files before I asked for help here and I called PayPal too. I couldn't see a whole lot of difference between the PayPal App (Express code) and the regular Express code. I did see a lot of reference to the App in the code but, I didn't notice a whole lot of different functionality in the code. But I'm not a coder so that means nothing.



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