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The e-commerce.

Purchase with store credit in OSC store


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HI there,


I currently work on a project, there are some payment requirement I can't get my head around it.

Here is the basic information.


They selling actual products, but the price tag of the product is store point or call store credit. People want to purchase they product will need to purchase they store credit first.


Like a gaming website selling game card points.


any suggestion?


Thank you.



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Thank you @@MrPhil,


I got some idea, but not sure if that is a right direction.


Product side:


I create 2 products, one is apple (product id 1), second product is a gift card (product id 2).


Payment side:


Install credit card and CCGV addon.


On the checkout payment option, apply condition something like if product_id = 2 then shows the credit card payment, else will only shows the CCGV credit.


Does it make sense?



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I see what you're trying to do, but customers aren't going to like having to go through two separate transactions to buy a product (apple). Getting the credit in place first needs to be a simple byproduct of some other transaction. It's like using a credit card, where you accumulate "points" ($1 in purchases gives you 1 point, worth about $0.005). Having to buy a credit in one transaction, and then spend it in another, isn't going to fly very well unless you can offer some real bargains that way to make it worth the effort and inconvenience.

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