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Hi everyone,

I am having problems offering free shipping for one of my products using the Australia Post Shipping Module.

Is there anyone able to help with this as it is very important to offer free shipping for this product and I have tried to set the weight to zero and have it set to ignore zero weights in the module but seems to get hooked up at the shipping part of the shopping cart process.


There is something about Virtual and Always Free Shipping products are always ignored but can't find an option to set the product to ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING to set this up.


Please help as the product was supposed to go live today.

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There are several 'Australia Post' shipping modules,  but from your description of the options that you are seeing, I will assume that you are referring to the 'ozpost' module.  


First and foremost -  ozpost itself will never ever provide a 'free shipping quote'.    As far as ozpost is concerned a shipping cost of $0.00 is considered an error, and will not be displayed.  


What ozpost can/does do though is check for any products in the cart that has been flagged as being a 'Virtual' or 'Always free shipping'  -  These settings/options are to be found in the product settings.    


If such a product is the *only* product in the customers cart the ozpost module disables itself.  OsCommerce itself *should* do whatever it would normally do when a product is suitable for free shipping.  Ozpost plays no part in this whatsoever.  


If the product is placed in the cart with *other* products that are subject to shipping costs, the ozpost module will 'silently' ignore them. They won't form a part of the quote,  (Enabling the ozpost 'debug' will actually show you if/when products like this are being ignored).  


The product weight settings (and the ozpost options for what to do with zero weight items) won't come into play with these virtual/freeshipping products. They are removed from the processing before that part of the ozpost code is reached.  


If a product is NOT a virtual, and hasn't been configured to be always free shipping then it is quoted based on its weights and dimensions.  Ozpost *cannot* provide a quote for a product that doesn't weigh anything - Such products are physically impossible,  so it gives you the option to use the 'default' weight (as set in the ozpost module), OR, it can be set to just ignore the product, In other words - it will behave as though it *were* a virtual/freeshipping product,  BUT in this instance  OsCormerce itself doesn't know about this - so there will be no shipping cost from ozpost, and no 'free shipping' output from the FreeShipping module either.         


So, now that I've detailed what is going on 'behind the scenes' perhaps if you could provide a little more detail about the actual problem(s) you are having, I may be able to offer more help.    It reads as though ozpost is quoting for a product that it shouldn't be quoting for -  and that really can't (or shouldn't) happen.   A link to the product so that I can see the problem for myself would be a great aid.


None of this is relevent if you aren't using the ozpost module though.  



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