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Order Total module, add a fixed discount code, causes total to go into negatives

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Hello Everyone, 


I have been through a lot of forums trying to find a solution to this, and no one else seems to have the same issue I am. 


I have order total Discount Code v2.6 installed. 


Everything is working fine, except when you enter the code for a set price discount, if the customer is purchasing items that total less then the voucher it makes the total into a negative amount. 




items equal : 62.20

discount:       100.00

vat amount:  10.37

total:              -37.80


I have seen on some posts a mention of 'Allow negative order total?' but my version doesnt provide this option.. 


is this something i can add to my module? If so, any clues would be a massive help! 


Thanks guys! 

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Hi Erika


It's gonna be difficult to help without looking at the actual code of that module.

But let's try something...


inside your ot_discount.php file you should have the following code around line 96

$order->info['total'] -= $discount;

replace that with the following code provided by marcochiana

if ($discount > $order->info['subtotal']) {
$discount = $order->info['subtotal'];
$order->info['total'] -= $discount;
} else {
$order->info['total'] -= $discount;

Not sure if that will work for you but give it a try and report back. Just make sure to back up that ot_discount.php file just in case.

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That fixed it! 


Clearly i didnt look hard enough! Could you link me to where i could find this code provided by marcochiana? 


Your a star - thank you! 

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