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How To Overcome Authorize.net 30 Line Item Maximum

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According to the API documentation Authorize.net will only process request with 30 or less individual line items.

REF: https://developer.authorize.net/api/reference/

" • lineItems Contains one or more elements (the maximum is 30 line items "


This is not an every shop problem, but for some it maybe more prominent than others. In the last 10+ years of using OSC I have ran into this issue exactly 3 times. It wasn't until this last time I actually found this information and realized what the problem was.


The solution that I have used in all 3 cases thus far has been to enable COD payment module to generate a customer order. Then use the Authorize.net manual interface to charge the customer's card. From a professional standpoint this has been a bit lackluster and if I was a customer I would have some apprehensions from a random store owner telling me this is how they have to process my order.


Thinking about this and the various industries I would imagine this issue comes up more often for others than myself. My in shop solution thought is currently running along the lines of a BYO (Build Your Own) module much like is used with computer purchases. You start with X Computer then add the options / software / hardware you want. In the end you have only 1 product being purchased but it has a multitude of options with it. Exactly how to port this idea over to a common use-able addon is unclear to me.


Scenarios in industries with multiple similar low cost items like stickers, or screws, or greeting cards, or general office supplies may face this problem regularly and I am not sure how you port a BYO system over to such an industry.


What have you done in the past to overcome this issue?



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