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John Dunlop - joli1811 - never forgotten


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Hi All


I am deeply saddened to inform of the sudden loss of John Dunlop (joli1811) who passed away on January 20th.


John was one of the best, a great help to the community who had great passion for his life and his work.


My condolences to Johns family and friends. He was one of the pillars of the osCommerce community, and will never be forgotten.

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His keeness to offer help and his sense of humour will be very sadly missed.


One of the best. RIP

Now running on a fully modded, Mobile Friendly 2.3.4 Store with the Excellent MTS installed - See my profile for the mods installed ..... So much thanks for all the help given along the way by forum members.

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This is heart breaking news...if I may share some thoughts.


We've only met by computer screen.
With many miles in between.
Yet still I got to know you John.
And now I find that you are gone.
I'll miss you Joli, as others will.
So for now, it's good bye until..
We meet again in another place.
No computer screen.  But face to face.
'til then my friend.  God bless you.

I am not a professional webmaster or PHP coder by background or training but I will try to help as best I can.

I remember what it was like when I first started with osC. It can be overwhelming.

However, I strongly recommend considering hiring a professional for extensive site modifications, site cleaning, etc.

There are several good pros here on osCommerce. Look around, you'll figure out who they are.

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I'm so sorry to hear that sad news.


We had the chance to work on a couple of projects together.


His optimism and great humour, his involvement and help will be missed here in the community


RIP John

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I'm so saddened by this terribly shocking news.


R.I.P John, of all the people I have met online you are one of the few I would have liked to meet in person.


I miss your cheerful presence, your sharp sense of humour, and the way you had to just point out the simple, evident truth with just a few spot on words.


My belief is that souls are immortal, so when Destiny decides it's time for me to cross the bridge, I look forward to meet you again, Friend.

~ Don't mistake my kindness for weakness ~

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osCommerce based shop owner with minimal design and focused on background works. When the less is more.
Email managment with tracking pixel, package managment for shipping, stock management, warehouse managment with bar code reader, parcel shops management on 3000 pickup points without local store.

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Just found out..Wow, I am in total shock and so sad. G Burton - Thank you for that beautiful video of John & his family I just viewed. John helped me create my website -  We spent hours chatting on Skype, chatting about so many things throughout the night and in the early hours of the morning. He always was willing to listen - he was always willing to help. A special person indeed!

Will miss you John...

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