List of Addons made especially for Bootstrap.  
Addons listed here are made especially for the Bootstrap version (or have bootstrapped files as an extra) and are assumed to work as intended - caveat emptor.  All addons/code must be available at the osCommerce forum or addons area.
If you have built an addon, please reply to this thread with its name, tiny description, addon link and support thread link (or a direct link to the forum thread if you have not made it an addon).
Rules to keep it sane All: This is not a chit chat thread or a how do I thread. All: This is not a feature request thread. All: Only the one who made the code can add to this thread.
  Dev's: Only for addons/code written specifically for bootstrap version Dev's: No demo links, no images.  This is what your support thread is for. Gold Download:

EDGE:  Gold + Extra Commits such as bugfixes: