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Shipping Rural Delivery


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I am looking for an addon (if there is such a one) that when a customer creates an account, there is an option for them to "tick" a box, if they are a rural delivery (which incurrs extra shipping cost) then when they then make a purchase, the rural delivery fee is shown in the checkout confirmation page along with any other shipping cost (if applicable)


Many thanks



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You need two things by the sound of it;


1.  a tickbox in create_account that allows them to declare (and set a flag in the DB) "I live in the middle of nowhere"


2.  a order_total module that grabs this flag and displays an extra cost appropriately


Potential problem #1 :  what if a customer already has an account, you need somewhere else to set this flag (eg in their account somewhere).

Potential problem #2 :  some customers might not declare that they are rural.  


I have not seen such a system in the addons area, someone else might know of something.  If nothing comes, consider getting it made (commercial enquiry) and contributing it back to the #community as an addon.  If anyone contacts you offering to build it (without you having posted at the commercial area), please report it.

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Hi burt


Thanks for your reply, and consturctive comments


I did have a RD "addon"   which sort of worked on our old 2.2RC site.I'm not sure whether this is worth while further  consideration, because as you mentioned what if the purchaser doesn't "declare" they are rural, which did happen from time to time. Unforunately if we have something which as soon as RD was entered in the address it could automatically flag, the problem with this would be many people use this abbreviation for road, which may not be rural delivery. Could be a can of worms.


Again many thanks for your reply.



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Your other option is to split your country up into zones (Northland, B of P, Otago, Southland and so on). These zones would automatically show in the create account page (like the USA states does).


You could then link an order_total module to some of those outlying zones.

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