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Too many processes error when updating catalog in admin


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We have OSCommerce 2.2.3 installed.  After doing several updates in the Admin area to product names and category names, we start getting this error:


"Unable to start another process. Maximum number of processes reached, refreshing in 10 second"


According to the web host, the server's limit of 20 processes is being exceeded because OSCommerce admin scripts are taking a very long time to complete.  The actual update takes place immediately, because if we refresh the affected product page, it will show the updates (except when it also gets the above error).


I have made mods for payments, shipping and coupons, but have not made any affecting the category and product update scripts.


Any ideas on how to fix this, or where the problem could be?


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in your admin AND in your catalog find 2 files:


for catalog:



for admin:



in both files somewhere  in the bottom locate:

  define('USE_PCONNECT', 'true');

change to:

  define('USE_PCONNECT', 'false');


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I'm not sure what version of oscommerce you are using other than it is before 2.3. In some of those versions there were issues with the database and the files that would cause the code to take longer to run than it should. But with that said, I've never ran across a site that caused that error so my guess is that either your site is too large for your hosting package or your server is setup with low limits. For the former, if your site gets 1,000 visitors per hour, for example, most shared hosting plans will have problems handling it. For the later, it sounds like your host has already said it's not their problem so if that is the reason, you probably won't convince them of it. There are too many unknowns in your situation to offer a solution. The first thing I suggest though is to search the forums for threads about adding indexes to the database. Depending upon your version, they may be needed and they can significantly increase the speed.

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