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Additional Fees

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Hello.. I've scoured the forum but can't find what I'm looking for.. client uses both USPS & UPS… but for 1 heavy product she's getting killed on shipping and wants and additional "handling fee" (for lack of a better term) for that one item, but doesn't want to simply add it to the total price. Tried installing SSPP but it's not what I need. Can anybody point me in the right direction?




Never mind.. I don't know how to delete this post?  


It just dawned on me to simply increase the weight. Problem solved. 

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I used the code below for two heavy specific items I sell (added to fedexwebservices.php), but should work the same for usps or ups modules...


// Begin surchage test - proof of concept code by burt
$products_surcharge = array(28, 29); // any of these ID's in the cart, add the surcharge
      $products = $cart->get_products();
      for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($products); $i<$n; $i++) {
        if (in_array($products[$i]['id'], $products_surcharge)) {
          $cost += 5; // amount to be added
// End surcharge test

Should do exactly what you need and not effect other products ship rates, nor need false weight bumps. Hope that helps.


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I'm looking for something like that. I have dozens, maybe a 100 items that have a surcharge added to them. I implement flat rate shipping.


I'm hoping to add a field to the products file where I can add a shipping surcharge to the item. For example, v_products_surcharge and then place a snippet of code in the shipping module file like above in your example where it only affects items with surcharges.


Your time and assistance is appreciated.

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@@discxpress what roaddoctor posted was "proof of concept" code that should not be used in a live shop.  


What you need is a system to flag products (1), and a system to check for flagged products in the checkout procedure (2).

If any flagged products exist in the customers cart add a shipping surcharge via an order_total module (3).  


1.  amend admin/categories.php

there is a video at oscommerce.tv channel that shows how to do this for "featured products" - so similar for "surcharge products"


2.  create a header_tag module that installs on checkout_shipping

3.  create an order_total module

both of these are not done


You then have a solid system that has only 1 place in which you need to amend code, the shop side you just press button to install.  I suggest having this coded up for you by a coder who knows the new structure and values of osCommerce (no core code changes!!) by posting a commercial request at http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/forum/79-commercial-support-enquiries/ 


You can then get a range of quotes, and share the resuting code (if you go ahead) with the rest of the #community

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