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Can't get Braintree Payment Module to work.


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Hello, I've used osCommerce for my online store for over 6 years. It is highly modified and still at v2.2 RC2a. (I've kept up with security updates) The php version is 5.3.28 (which is also being upgraded shortly) Now I'm in the process of a complete upgrade, which will take me quite a few months. In the meantime I'm trying to move over to Braintree Credit card processing as Elavon/Authnet fees are killing me. I just can't get it to work. 


Currently I use the authnet AIM module which shows on the checkout payment page (check_payment.php). I installed Braintree and added all the configuration in the admin area but I can't get it to show on the payment page at all. I've checked the database and everything is there. It doesn't have the same sort order as any other payment module. I am not getting any errors. Other payment modules show up fine there. 


I'm not sure where else to look... Braintree isn't found anywhere in any of the forum searches I've done. 


Please can someone help me? Thanks...

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Do you mean it's not shown as an option on the checkout payment page?


Are there any important messages shown on the module configuration page?


Do you have a merchant account configured for your store currency in the module configuration page?

:heart:, osCommerce

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I seem to have the same problem.. with both the braintree module and the stripe module (which looks to be similar code). 2.2-MS2 on PHP 5.4, yes I know I will upgrade soon, but I would really like to get this going before I update.


Payment doesn't have a selection on checkout.. other payment modules work, so multiple payment modules show up fine. Both the braintree and stripe modules (braintree-1.1 and stripe-1.1) do not show up.. one curious note the braintree module will NOT display the "Merchant Accounts USD:" field.. I found the config option in the database and put in a value there and still nothing.


The payment count in checkout_payment.php does not show these modules when they are active (ie, if I have my regular CC, braintree and stripe, it will so payment count as 1, not 3 as it should) so it is as if they are not there.


Something is not right.. I'm just not sure where to look now. Anyone have luck with these modules on an older 2.2 shop? I may just have to force myself to hardcode stripe into checkout_payment.php or something.


Thanks for any help




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Same problem here. After saving the merchant account in admin it is not retained. Just like Moses I inserted the merchant account directly into the database but that didn't help either.


Thanks in advance for any help.




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