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PP Standard Checkout v. 3.1 special chars


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I've just installed the new PayPal Standard Checkout v. 3.1 - but somehow special chars (Danish æøå) are not correctly transferred to PayPal. This results in - what I think - an error that states that the PayPal transfer cannot be verified.


Also, the accout_history_info.php is messed up, but that may also be because of the discount code module I've installed.


Any workarounds?

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What osC version? Where are these "special characters" (accented letters) coming from? Language file, database (customer information, product information, etc.)? Does PP return any specific error messages that might give a clue? Customer name and address, your name and address, or something else? New customers, old customers? If old customers or products, do they date back to before an osC upgrade?


My first guess (without seeing anything) would be that there's a mixup on character encodings somewhere. The text in question was entered in Latin-1 (or some other single-byte encoding), and PP is configured to expect UTF-8, or vice-versa. This can be a nasty problem if the text was entered in one encoding, and osC upgraded to a different coding (e.g., Latin-1 pages in osC 2.2, UTF-8 in osC 2.3) and someone missed a character conversion in the database or language files. If you have a mixture of encodings in your database's data, that can be a tedious job to untangle.

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I can confirm that PayPal Standard v3.1 works with nordic special charset, I have just tested it with æøå characters, no problems.


Steffen: Maybe you should take a look at the charset your sql and web server is running, you might be running an older version of osCommerce. I had a headache getting 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 (if I remember right) to run properly. It may look okay, but you notice it if you export and import the database, diamonds with question mark pops up everywhere.



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