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Change product added/posted date


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So, i will start to say that i am a total beginner att ALL of this so details please! :)


I would like to be able to change the "date added" at will for every one of my products. That way i can get the to appear in the "whats new"-box and also because i have not yet opend my chop but already started to add products so i want them to appear added and also visable further along the way and at my own choosing. Is this possible? I have tried all of the three below add-ons but unsuccessful. But as i said, i am a complete beginner at this so i may have done it all wrong!






Anyone who can help me? =)

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Why not add the featured products add-on. You can then choose through your admin area what products to show on the front page, and indeed to show on other pages as well. The add-on can be found in the add-ons area.




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For Emelie (or anyone else that needs to do this),

If you want to change the "date added" date, there is a simple way to do it without using one of the addons mentioned above. (Or any that you might find.)

If you have "Easy Populate" (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7725 - depending on your version of OSC) module installed, do an export of your complete catalog.

Now before you do anything else: BACKUP!

Open the CSV file, and go to column "Y" and change the dates of the products you want. Save the file as a CSV, and import it back into the database. (Make sure you select "Update Only" from the dropdown menu and click on the import button.

Now check your date added in your Categories/Products section of the admin.

(And remember: BACKUP!)

Have fun......!


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