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Authorize .Net card charging process


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I have a client who has a web hosting setup with os commerce 2.2. They have a custom field populated for a field per product. This would be a charge that is unique per product. A core charge.


They are using authorize.net for billing.


I would like to add this charge to the final payment processing. Where does this occur?


in includes/modules/payment.php? checkout_process.php? or authorizenet_cc_aim.php in the payment include directory?


What code should I change?I can get the values based on a product and its quantity.... can add it to order totals table.....

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You could convert the custom field to a standard attribute to wihich you could then add the appropriate cost to - that would the just add the extra cost into the normal order totals.


Otherwise you'd need to create a new order total module and put it in the folder catalog/includes/modules/order_total/ - that would then need some code in it to look at ech product in the cart and add the amounts from your custom field. Provided that is setup correctly then the order total will reflect it and that order_total amount would be passed through to Authorize.net

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That sounds like needless unnecessary work. The cost is per product x qty. I would just like to know where it is processed and where it gets its order information.


Thats it.

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Hey everyone !

How many of you are using authorize.net?? Isn't it a great one?

I am used to of it now.. It never creates problems for me.. Instead, It serves to be a lot beneficial.. Did anyone read this post relating to authorize.net? It helped me a lot. Have a look



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