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The e-commerce.

Need just a little help with scripting

seCret steVe

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I am working on a project http://corephp.sf.net


And the project im working on has to be done with in the next month. I have been trying for 3 days now to get the mySQL to dump the information properly into the database but i dont know where exactly im going wrong...since there is a large amount of information.


Below is the code as well as the mysql database (both updated) and the program is located here... (sorry the addscout and sql database is not yet updated till April 1st) so it is below.


http://corephp.sf.net/projects/bsa.zip is the link for the program.


Thanks for your time and hopefully this program will be underway. If anyone wants to join the project please feel free....


Thanks again



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Can you please link to the file instead of pasteing the code here?


On the other hand, could you post a reason why such a post should remain in a support forum for osCommerce?


[Don't mean to be rude, just want to know what this has to do with osCommerce? Do you plan on extending these forums for your project? :D]

:heart:, osCommerce

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sorry....here is the link:




Reason why i turned to osCommerce is cause there is a large amount of knowledable people here. Other places i come up empty handed.


Harold : Yes i know this has nothing to do with osCommerce.....just had no place to turn to.....

I am planing on linking osCommerce from my page.....

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