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Plesk/PHP Upgrade yesterday can't login or generate dynamic content


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I am running osCommerce 2.2 and the Plesk/PHP update that came down I guess yesterday is making it so I can't login to the admin section, users can't login to the site, and I can't access any product listings that are dynamically generated. What i mean by that is if I go to the category to list all my widgets, in the URL bar it shows the right URL, but it just shows me the homepage content. But if I try to go a a specific product, I can pull up all products just fine.


I know you might say upgrade to 2.3, but the site was customized in the core code I am told and that upgrade previously failed. I may have to start a site over from scratch, but I need to try to get this resolved to get me a few weeks time to build out a new site as this site is pretty large with a lot of add-ons that were not out of the box.


Any ideas?



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If the upgrade was to 5.3, or later, the code in your shop is probably not setup to work with it. There are changes you can make to fix that. But you should first check your error logs to see if there are any errors. If you see any with "deprecated" in them, then it is a php issue.

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Hi Jack,


You have done some work on my site before so I will email you a little more detail. Plesk has been looking at it for the past 20 hours and has not been able to fix it. Thus that is why I am asking for some assistance of those that have more osCommerce experience than they might have on staff.


I will ask, but I would assume they would have checked that as originally my osCommerce portion of the site, the WordPress blog and my Joomla portion of the site would not come up. They said apache was not parsing PHP properly(I don't fully understand that). Also my hosting company stated that they tweaked PHP 5.2 previously to make osCommerce work(exactly what they did, I am not 100% sure). I don't know if any of this helps where someone might say...ohhh, I know what is going on.




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