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Authorize.net Payment Module my fixes - AuthorizeNet_AIM_08-31-10


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I was debating if I should say anything but I guess it is best to have items working correctly. I am also posting this for future refrecne for myself and everyone else.


Fixs -


Check your server logs!!! check them check them


My issues - I was told the curl was enabled and it wasn't. >> this was putting out a error


turns out it was the wrong curl I was looking at which should have been url_exec()


To find out this create you phpinfo file.




Other issues I ran into which was a alot!!!! >> Turns out alot of my paths on the back end where not correct. However everything did show up the error log. Someitmes with my sessions and pear.


last issue I ran into was a setting was incorrect on my authorize.net account. Sadly support did not tell what setting it was. After fixing all these issues the authorize.net module worked absolutley fine. AuthorizeNet_AIM_08-31-10


More importantly. Is there are soooooo many tech support people that do not care, and are afraid to ask for help. And will tell you more than anything else its authorize.net's fault its your hostings fault. After talking to9 people at the hosting i host with the 8th guy finally fixed a few things, then the 8th guy finished it off. I do not have shell access so I am limited to what I can do with that account. With authorize.net it took 12 people to finally get someone who was able to give me the last correct answer. And old saying goes you catch more flys with honey then viniger.


Also I spent about 15 hours messing around changeing code and all that fun stuff. And about 12 hours reading, and 14 hours with tech support. If anyone has any questions keep me posted I will try to help back in my free time.

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