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HELP! All of a sudden My digital downloads wont work!


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Hi everyone! :sweating: :'(


I am in a bit of a panic here at the moment. I had a customer write me last night complaining that he was unable to view the video he purchased from my site (digital download). I put OSCommerce into test mode and tried to purchase the clip myself- it tries to download for only a minute or so before giving me the error message that "The operation could not be completed."


I thought perhaps it was an issue with my server timing out (the clip is 1.2GB), but that is not the case. I contacted my host and my site is still a designated IP so there is no timing out issue and everything looks great on their end. I tried to download the clip directly from my server with no issue.


Then, on a whim, I decided to try another test purchase on one of my tiny clips- same error. It tries for a minute, then says that "The operation could not be completed."


I don't understand what is happening here- I have made no changes to my OSC shop. The last successful purchase was on 7-31-13. Nothing has changed since then. Why is this happening? :(


Please let me warn you ahead of time - I am not a programmer, I don't speak PHP so any helpful instructions that any of you are kind enough to provide- basically talk to me like I am a 2 year old- lol


Thank you in advance for your help!!!!!


~Isabelle Shy :kiss:

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