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Customer group discounts for sppc, percentages are off


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I'm using customer group discounts for sppc but I'm having a problem.


On the admin page, I go to the group discounts page and enter a discount for my group "test" (10%) and that seems to work fine, however when I log into my test account for that group and then go to a product, I seem to get all sorts of different discounts. For example I have a test product that starts at £299.99 but when I add it to my cart, it becomes £269.99 (which to my knowledge isn't 10% of £299.99).


Another example I have is; the starting price is £29.99 but when it gets to my cart, it becomes £35.09. That isn't a reduction nor the correct percentage.


Has anyone else had a similar problem or can help me fix it? The percentages seem to be working (which is good) but they are not showing the correct price.

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Also found this one and was not working OK indeed. Didnt have problems with prices as from above post, but it was not possible to reset complete group back to 0% ..

I added a new checkbox for delete prices and also make some other minor changes.

Tested on 2.3.4 with SPPC, works great.


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Check you maths on the first discount as I think you are wrong. Starting price is £299-99. 10% of this is £29.99 which when subtracted from the starting £299-99 is £269.99.


That looks like it is doing what it should. Why the other one is higher I have no idea. I cant remember others with a similar problem but it may be worth looking through the sppc support thread as there may be an answer there.


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