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Products/Customers/sales (2.2 -> 2.3) ?


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Ok, so Im getting somewhere that you dont want to import 2.2 data into the 2.3. I've tried, its failed, and from reading the following archived thread...




Its ill advised, now, the video is all fine and good, but there is no audio, and there is no text anywhere linked to the video on what is being copy and pasted into the phpmysql interface to make the needed changes in 2.2. (I Initially thought it was changes to 2.3... when I found the stand alone video on youtube.)


I recently discovered my site was offline, due to a server error, it wanted register globals on, and when I turned it on I got some server errors.. stupid stuff really, it was working a 2 weeks ago, a week ago it was down.


I been trying to get 2.3 working since with my existing product list. I even tried to do a export/import using phpMySQL and it did nothing but complain. Some 600 products.. is not my idea of a fun time in re-instituting.


Anyone got a list of what he is pasting into phpMysql?




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When importing data from your v2.2 site into a new v2.3.3 database, first, ensure all of the tables are the same. If contributions have been added, deleted or changed table structure....you will not be able to import the data easily. This would require database changes for compatibility.




However, if the tables are the same, the following product related tables can be integrated with very little problems.

  • categories
  • categories_description
  • manufacturers
  • manufacturers_info
  • products
  • products_attributes
  • products_attributes_download
  • products_description
  • products_options
  • products_options_values
  • products_options_values_to_products_options
  • products_to_categories


Again, in order for the above to be integrated, ALL TABLES MUST BE EXACTLY THE SAME.





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Try this http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8731 instead. It unpacks to an .sql file that you can import in phpMyAdmin to upgrade a database as old as 2.2 MS2 up to 2.3.3 level. If you're starting from something later than 2.2 MS2 (RC1, RC2, RC2a) I don't know if you need to comment out (#) the older upgrade parts.


As always, do this on a copy of your database, and try it out in a 2.3.3 code store before changing your production site.

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