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Show boxes on external website!


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I am helping a charity website to make a simple webship.


Now i am hosting the webshop at: http://www.imagine2b.com/shop


The charity website however is http://www.stichtingelivia.nl (joomla)


For admin reasons it is necesary it will stay this way.


Now i am looking for a possiblily to show the webshops content in widgets on the charity website.


So when people click on the article it will jump over to www.imagine2b.com/shop and after pressing top on the webshop jumping back to the charity website.


I did search a lot but i guess due to my bad english i did not find a sollution.


I hope you can help me out!!!


Thanks in advantage.

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Once the customer enters the shop, they are assigned an OSCID and if they leave the shop, and possibly return, they will encounter OSCID errors if they choose to make a purchase. You NEVER link outside of the ecommerce installation for that reason.





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As Chris mentioned, once you go into osC and start filling the shopping cart, etc., you can't leave osC until you have either completed checkout OR have abandoned the shopping cart. The session tracking (for maintaining the shopping cart and where you are in the checkout process) will lose track of you once you leave the store. It's bad enough within one site (where osC is part of it) -- it's possible but difficult to have the osC session follow you around, but jumping to a completely different site is not currently possible. I wonder if anyone has looked at a mechanism for doing this, perhaps to carry along some sort of osCid in the Query String when leaving osC, and when jumping back in to give this osCid in the Query String? What you do with the osCid while outside of osC would be your business, so long as you still have it when jumping back in to osC. There would still be the issue of security -- could someone see the osCid and steal it? IP address and time limits might have to be imposed, and only a specific entry point to osC could be allowed. Perhaps POST data (via a form) could be used to pass the osCid without being exposed. Just a thought.

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