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Help on reformatting product list search page


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I just downloaded and installed osc 2.3.3 and with the help of a training video on udemy.com was able to get it up and running for the most part.

I have yet to get the shipping modules working,

but I have a serious need to reformat the search results page

If u visit


(If this does not work visit www.friendswoodcomputer.net and search for 50000584 or actually any item)

You'll notice that each product listing takes multiple lines - especially the product name -

and I would like to lengthen some fields and shorten others. Can anyone

assist me of where to start with this?

I am an amateur programmer and have modified the php code slightly, as well as

a few CSS changes. Any help would be appreciated

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you can force a width on a <td> like <td width="200px">

if you do this for the productname header it should make it wider, you can play with the number a little.

you can also use percentages, but in your case i think using a fixed width works better


I do not use the responsive bootstrap version since i coded my responsive version earlier, but i have bought every 28d of code package to support burts effort and keep this forum alive (albeit more like on life support).

So if you are still here ? What are you waiting for ?!


Find the most frequent unique errors to fix:

grep "PHP" php_error_log.txt | sed "s/^.* PHP/PHP/g" |grep "line" |sort | uniq -c | sort -r > counterrors.txt

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I have looked in the php files and not found where the search data is formatted and output

Can u provide me a php filename(s)

Seriously I looked for several hours before posting and coud find nothing.

Of course my windows search routine not working probably did not help me either...


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look at file located here:




This is where the <td>'s previously mentioned can be found. What ever you do to this file, will also be reflected in your category listings. Make sure to back up the file first.

Follow the community build:

BS3 to osCommerce Responsive from the Get Go!

Check out the new construction:

Admin Gone to Total BS!

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