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page shows error when changing language


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Hi friends

I have a problem with the site www.primefashion.dk i have added the danish language, when i choose the danish language and push on the items i have added the site shows error, but when i choose the english language the site works perfactly.


the other thing is when hitting the menu features and top sellers the site looks strange.


Hope you can help please i have tried everything.

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It looks like the url rewriter you are using isn't handling the characters with accents since the url has something like this: guld-hæmatit-shamballa-armbånd-p-68. Try turning the rewriter off to see if the pages load. If they do, you need to enter character conversions into the rewriters settings. If you don't know how to do that, you should post that question in the support thread for that addon so that people that use it are more likely to see it.

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You've got multibyte UTF-8 characters that when rendered in Latin-1 (or similar single byte encodings) come out as æ or å etc. There may be something in the URL rewriter that is checking for characters that it feels are legitimate in a URL, and doing "something" with those it feels aren't usable in a URL. Not yet being able to see a "live" example of this, I'm not sure exactly what it's returning. The page appears to be in UTF-8, so any legitimate UTF-8 byte sequences should come out as single characters. Do the product titles appear correctly in the product info listing, and only go bad in links (URLs)? To tell the truth, while ASCII characters are acceptable for URLs, I'm not sure about Latin-1 or UTF-8 non-ASCII (accented) characters. You might end up having to modify code to encode anything not ASCII as %xx bytes in the URI. So the URL would include something like guld-h%C3%CFmatit-shamballa-armb%C3%D2nd-p-68. Is that unacceptable? It's possible that the URL rewriter you're using (if it's an add-on) was written with only Latin-1 in mind, and doesn't know how to handle UTF-8 characters, although I would think it would know how to handle accented Latin-1 characters (as %xx).


You have other issues on this site -- while looking around to try to find an example of the problem, I see a lot of prices that are 0,00kr and I see a lot of prompts and labels that are still in English. Be sure to account for those before going live.

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