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Cant ship to Switzerland


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You might check that "Switzerland" is consistently "CH" (or "CHE") throughout your site, and someone didn't enter it into a zone list as "SW" (which is invalid). When the customer gives their country, is it via a dropdown selection (which should return CH) or are they entering it by hand? I would think that someone in Switzerland would know their own country code (CH) but maybe they don't, or someone from outside Switzerland is entering the address and thinks it's SW.


If there's nothing in the admin, you could download your database .sql backup to a PC and use grep or findstr to check the codes. I don't know if it's also stored in a .php file, but as you should have your .php files on your PC as a backup anyway, it wouldn't hurt to use grep or findstr to look for "Switzerland", "SW", "CH" in them.

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Further to MrPhil's


'use grep or findstr to look for'


see if you can find the error message, after first getting it word-perfect. Google has never heard of it, as it stands, which is unusual. It seems not to be a part of standard 2.3.3 If present, it is probably in a line which looks vaguely like


define('INVALID_ADDRESS_ERROR', 'Shipping Address Undeliverable');


and then we need to search for the phrase which is in capital letters.

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