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Store Stopped Recognizing Zones! (My Error, Need Help!)


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I made some store modifications over the past few days, and just realized now that my zones are not being recognized by my store. For example, tax is not being charged for my business's state of NJ. Also if I test a payment module to be zone specific (NJ), the module does not show even if I select NJ as my state.


I am 100% sure I have everything configured correctly in the admin section.


Can someone advise where in the store the zone is recorded? I'm trying to back track to see where I may have inadvertently messed up my code to break the zone functionality.


In addition, is anyone familiar with the SQL table settings? I'd like to double check my database to make sure the linking is correct. I played around with the zone / tax tables in PHPMYADMIN this afternoon and was able to get the tax to show, but it showed regardless of zone. I have since deleted all settings and retried to configure, however still the zone logic is not working correctly.


Thanks in advance.

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I was able to track the issue down to the 'Tax Zone' 'edit subzone settings'. When I select "ALL COUNTRIES" and "ALL ZONES", the sales tax displays correctly. However when I change to "UNITED STATES" and "ALL ZONES", the sales tax disappears and does not show anymore.


Any ideas how to fix this????

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Attached are screenshots of my tax and zone settings.


When I select ALL COUNTRIES and ALL ZONES, my tax shows up.


When I select UNITED STATES and ALL ZONES, the tax rate does not show up (when selecting any state).


When I select UNITED STATES and NEW JERSEY, the tax rate does not show up (when selecting NJ).


The only country option I have loaded is United States (223).


I checked my database tables, the values and linking seems correct.


What .php files could I have modified to stop the tax from working correctly?




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