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email issues cannot receive from site (orders, contact, etc)


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I hope that someone can advise.


I've had a store up and running for a few years, (2.2 MS2) that recently started having email issues - some orders would come through, others not, occasionally a contact us form would come through, (though how many didn't, who knows!) None of my actual setting changed. Now, nothing will come through, so we're having to check online regularly.


I assumed that the 'best' answer would be to simply start fresh, (and needed the excuse) so am currently busy installing the latest version - 2.3.3


And, in testing, have no received any emails with this version either.


My email setting is







The site itself (customer end) is thanking for the form - no error messages.


I am now assuming that perhaps something has changed with the server, as the problem seems similar, and have opened a support ticket with them, however, we know that server support can be a bit rubbish sometimes, so am really hoping that someone here can help me with this.


Thank you

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this is not an osCommerce issue. Delivery of email is dependent on many factors. osCommerce definitely sends them. Whether they get thru to the recipient depends on numerous factors including email blacklist, ISP fire walls and your own spam settings. You can check your server is not on an email blacklist, make sure MX records are set up correctly and so on. Ask your hosting company for assistance.

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