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Superfish Dropdown Disappears on Product Listing


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I had the Superfish horizontal dropdown menu installed on my website (not currently, because of the issue I am about to describe), and it works fine on the index page, however when I get to the product listing page, it starts to act up. The issue that I'm having is that when on the product listing page and I try to hover over the dropdown menu, it disappears as soon as I hover over it. Sometimes, if I am quick enough, I am able to hover over it and get it to stay, but there is obviously an issue here.


I believe it has something to do with the jQuery, as I have 2 different contributions that are calling for 2 different jQuery scripts (superfish calls for 1.9.x and the jquery rotating banner, which I have also removed right now due to the same issue, calls for 1.4.x). I have a friend who has both of these installed on his website (www.freeds.net), and he is using jQuery 1.6.2, and his is working fine, so that is what I changed mine to, being that I couldn't call both without errors on my site. So, when I call the 1.6.2, everything works perfectly on the index page, but then I get that issue on the product listing page. Please let me know if you have any ideas.



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There is no need to include different versions of jquery, 1 time is enough, before any other scripts that are depending on that, such as superfish, any sliders etc


To the particular issue, not possible to say much without seeing the website

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I have uploaded it to my website right now, which is at www.bandmans.com. So the issues are as follows:


1) Dropdown menu doesn't work correctly on product listing page.

2) Black box background from jquery image slider shows up on product listing page -- and it shouldn't be there at all.


Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

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The black gallery background comes because of a wrong placement of the gallery div within index.php


The menu not working is because of some js error when index.php is in product listing level


I guess that removing the gallery from product listing level (= placing in correctly only in case index.php is in front page level) will make things look better already


The whole page is a bit messed up, there are various scripts called all over, css files called within the body (e.g. the stylesheet.css even it exist already in <head>) etc

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