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AIM CC module v1.0: OSC 2.3.x not connecting to Authorize.net


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I'm banging my head against a wall, as I cannot find any support for this issue, even though there are similar posts on this issue going back to 2007. Can someone please look at this particular situation to help? Here's the rundown:


1. OSC 2.3 is properly installed on a VPS and it worked great until 7/6/13.

2. Authorize.net AIM CC module suddenly stopped working when PHP was updated to latest stable build (on 7/6/13 I went from 5.3.25 to 5.3.26). Coincidence?

3. Authorize.net claims that my site has not made a server call to them since 7/6/13, and it is now 7/17/13. (Therefore I do not receive any A.net code responses back upon submitting an order)

4. I reset my transaction key

5. I have tried settings with MD5 hash and without

6. The SSL cert is valid and active

7. My Authorize.net panel settings don't have any strange "Require" fields enabled, but that wouldn't matter yet because OSC is not yet at the point of calling Authorize.net

8. I can ping secure.authorize.net from the server's command line (SSH), and port 443 is not blocked. I have added .authorize.net to csf.rignore, and resolv.conf is fine

9. cURL is installed

10. I tried both the latest v3.1 API AIM module and the older "contribution" version. Both do not call Authorize.net.

11. Since the module/OSC does not call Authorize.net, niether test or live mode matter (or work).


I realize that some of you will point to PHP being suspect here, but there were no real changes in this minor "patch release". And since the AIM module worked fine prior to the web host configuation change, it's very odd that store module would immediately stop working.


Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the payment module to talk to Authorize.net?


Thanks for any help you can offer...


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