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one category displays differently to the rest


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I have 16 categories in my store which all act the same except for 1. This one category does not display the products the same as the others do.


So for example all the categories will display what is new for the month or if nothing is new for the month then just products. But this one category that has a mind of its own will display what is new for the month or a blank page if nothing new.


The only difference between this category and the other categories is that it has more subcategories which drill down another level.


I don't have any products that aren't inside a subcategory


Can anyone please shed some light on what might be causing this one category to behave like this. Could it be a product that doesn't have a field filled out correctly and if so how would I find it?


thank you

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The 'odd' category by default will not display anything when you click the category on the left column, because there are NO products (new or otherwise) in the main category, there are only sub-categories. So, it is functioning as it was programmed to do.





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thanks for the quick reply but none of the other categories have products in the main category either, just in subcategories and they display something.


Since posting I have installed the 'show all subcategory & category products' mod and still this one category behaves differently.

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Hi Kaye,



Sounds like a template maybe going to your database ( SQL ) and checking your products_to_categories but really a shot in the dark so back up first just a guess.





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Ok the category that is different to the others is this one



You will see it is showing a new product, if you compare it to the drum/percussion category as that is the closest in structure, you will see the drum category shows general products not new







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