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The e-commerce.

cart contents check and my account on another part of my site


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I did search around but didn't find anything to helpful. Maybe I am using the incorrect words.. :(


What I have is


www.mydomain.com > a few pages with my site


My store


www.mydomain.com/store > oscommerce installed


The buttons in the top cart contents checkout my account I want to put throughout my entire site.


Any suggestions or ideas?


How would I show just that cart part throughout my site?


How would I echo out the osCsid ?

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Search on "session" and you'll probably get a lot of hits. When leaving the store part of your site, you have to carry with you at each link to other pages on your site all the session information you need to track the customer as they wander around the site, so to be able to associate their shopping cart with them when they get back to the store (as well as being able to jump to the cart/checkout from any page). I understand that it can be done, but means changing the link code to get around the rest of your site. And I don't know what happens if you have some other application (e.g., a forum or blog) open too -- whether the sessions are going to interfere with each other.

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If you only have a few pages, why not use oscommerce to display them, and link to them either in the information box or a new box thast you have created. Then you would not have the trouble with the oscid.You can copy and rename say the conditions files and then remane them to what ever you want.


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You want to be careful about hauling around an explicit osC session id in your links. If someone should bookmark that link (or a search engine indexes it), random people could end up jumping into that old session. Depending on its state and what information is still around in the database, they could potentially get access to personal information.

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