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Quantity starts at 2 in the shopping cart


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I recently upgraded my website to 2.3.3, and I've been busy getting rid of all the bugs, but I haven't been able to find where this one comes from. When you click on a category, the list of products comes up, each with the "Buy Now!" button. For some of the products, that button directs you straight to your shopping cart, where it has been added and everything is normal. However, for the products that have extra attributes, the "Buy Now!" button directs you to a page where you can select from the options, and there is a new button, "Add to Cart". After selecting any options and clicking the new button, you get sent to the shopping cart again, and the product is there, but it starts with a default quantity of 2 every time. Again, this only happens with products that have a special attributes page.


I've been looking in shopping_cart.php for something that looks wrong but I haven't had any luck. Is there maybe a setting in admin, or something in phpmyadmin that might be causing this?

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I'm doing this locally for now, so no URL to provide yet.

But anyway, I found the problem; for some reason in application_top.php underneath "//customer adds a product from the products page", I had two different statements doing the following:


Updating those lines to what the 2.3.3 package had fixed it. Sorry for the useless post, but I was panicking and sort of had a break-down. Hopefully someone else benefits from this in the future.

Thanks anyway for the reply burt!

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