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How to integrate MATC in checkout_payment ?


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I have a huge problem. osC 2.3.3


PayPal Standard doesn't work (doesn't direct back to store and alerts MATC error so that the order does not succeed)

Therefore I use PayPal Express.

But PayPal Express leaves out the checkout_confirmation, so that I have to integrate MATC not in checkout_confirmation, but in checkout_payment.

I tried to integrate the codes from MATC myself, but it did not work. I found no solution.


Can somebody give me a solution. Where excactly do I have to integrate what exaclty?? Please!



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Not that this will help the OP, but I was able to get this addon to work (in checkout_payment) with 2.3:




I do have one hitch though.  It's supposed to work with or without Java, and it works fine on Java-enabled browsers, but I think I've created a glitch for the non-Java aspect of it.  About half the time, it works just like it should - shows an error if they don't accept, and moves right on along once they do.  The other half of the time, whether they've accepted or not, it says "secure connection failed" on a white page.  As I mentioned, this only occurs with Java disabled.


If it shows the white page, hitting the "back" button and trying again will usually fix it and it goes right on through.


I've only seen this on Firefox, as it's the only browser I can easily toggle Java off/on.


Any ideas what I might have done wrong?

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