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Nicer category pages


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I have around 10 main categories within each are 10+ subcategories. The default layout shows new items in the category and subcategories on the left-hand column but I want to add some style to each category.


It would be nice if each category page be customized with it's own look to maybe have a featured box (unlike best sellers, a sort of featured box for the category itself modifiable from admin.) I'm wondering how this had been done and/or there is a contribution to allow this type of customization; a)category featured/specials b)better layout of subcategories.


Thanks in advance any tips appreciated!

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@@DunWeb thanks!


now that's installed im still stricken with a design issue. I have 10 categories each with many more subcategories. So many in fact on some category pages the list is atrociously long and down the page, a real show stopper.


I would like to have a horizontal scroller of the subcategories when user clicks on category page instead to save screen real estate and allow the featured section more eye play. Kind of like this :



Is there any contribution that accomplishes this? Or more specifically if nothing does this yet, what is the list sub category code so maybe i can hack out a solution for the community.


Thanks in advance

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Good find @@DunWeb and thanks again. The instructions are in spanish (google translate here I come!) and this is going to have to be thoroughly rewritten to accomplish what I'm trying to do. Probably best to just hit the ground and make my own specially designed for the category page. I would technically just put the jquery slider code in the categories page template wrapped around the subcategory call I imagine.

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