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XAMPP Setup not Showing Categories in Admin


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Setting up XAMPP. I think I have everything worked out except the categories in admin area.


Here is what I know

  1. All categories show on index page
  2. No categories show on admin page
  3. I can add new categories, they show on the index but not on the admin (it can write but not read?)
  4. When I click the any product listings or categories from the index page it all disappearspost-317069-0-36265300-1373187110_thumb.png
  5. What's new is showing correctly on index
  6. Home isn't showing on the menu bar
  7. The XAMPP was a PHP upgrade, but I have properly resolved each of the depreciation errors

I feel like this has something to do with my database connection, but I am not sure where.


I am running 2.2. I will not upgrade until I get this running.

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It looks like your categories/products don't have a "name" entered for the specific language ID. There is no entry in the products/categories _description tables.


Possible reasons for this can be

- You transferred over the DB from an other store and forgot some tables

- The language id set in table languages does not match the language id in the description tables. This can happen if you manually do changes via php my admin or if you imported the description tables from an other store


If the issue happens also for new categories that you enter, then you need to check table categories_description if there is any entry at all and if the entry has the correct language id


The file that is doing the job here is admin/categories.php

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