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Disable "Add to Cart" on one item?


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I have been approached about carrying a few items another small seller. Because of differences such as profit and non-profit status, incompatible shipping cost models, etc, we have decided that the best way is for them to handle all the ordering and shipping, with us getting a commission on referrals. Essentially the sales item on our store would be an ad, with a clickable link to a dedicated page on their server to identify the source.


Is there a way to disable the "Add to Cart" button? From past experience, customers can manage to ignore even the clearest instructions. Or is there another approach to handling this sort of transaction?



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1. Stock quantity 0

2. Set up osC so can't add to cart if quantity 0 (affects all products)

3. Product description includes link to sales page


If number 2 is a problem (i.e., you allow backorders), you might have to do some custom coding on the product pages to suppress the "Add to Cart" button for a particular product.

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or put a condition round all the places the add to cart button code is displayed


If product id = x

display link or button linking to referral page


display add to cart button






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