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in admin how to sort categories by product name


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I resenly update my side (admin side) so that I could search by product number. I like the new search works great. But now my products are listed ramdily and I would like to get them to sort ascending again. Where do I need to go and what do I need to look for to change?


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Hi - guessing that you've added in a database query that searched on products_id then find that query and see if it has an ORDER BY tacked onto the end - so you'll see something like tep_db_query("SELECT yadda yadda FROM products p, products_description pd WHERE yadda yadda") that may or may not have "ORDER BY p.products_id" or similar on the end


if it hasn't then add ORDER BY pd.products_name ASC into the end query


if it has then just add in , pd.products_name ASC after whatever is there first (note the comma)


if the orignal query uses a different label other than 'pd' for the products_description table then be careful to substitute that in the above

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OK found it.



lines 1166 and 1168

at the end of each line was: order by p.products_date_added desc

changed to: order by pd.products_name


That put it in name order. It would be nice if there was a way to add to the top bar, a sort by model or date or name to this page. I just don't know about code to added it.

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