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PayPal Standard - no Javascript - MATC doesn't work properly


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Hello there,


I have a problem with checking the Terms & Conditions in the checkout_confirmation.php with javascript disabled using PayPal standard. checkout_confirmation.php redirects me to PayPal, although I did not accept the Terms.


I tested with OSC 2.3.3 untouched and used following addons:


MATC: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8664/v,23 (thanks matt)

PP Standard: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8763/v,23 (thanks sunrise)


Properties: Javascript disabled


With Javascript enabled everything works properly. I know there are less then 5% of users, who have JS disabled, but I'm forced to fix this issue cause of the german law. I could use the checkout_payment.php for the checking, but I think the checkbox is perfectly placed in the checkout_confirmation.


The MATC addon without JS works like this:


checkout_payment.php (information of payment-module gathered) -> checkout_confirmation (checkbox for T&C's) -> redirect to PayPal -> checkout_process.php (checks if the checkbox is checked and redirect to checkout_confirmation if not checked) -> checkout_succes.php


You see the problem there: When PayPal is selected it doesnt redirect immediatly to the checkout_process.php


Does anyone have an idea or an "easy" Solution for my problem?


Thanks in advance, Robert.

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The MATC is in the wrong place.


What happens if I as a customer in your shop decide I do not agree with your T&C, yet I did not know about them until too late in the checkout procedure.


MATC should be at create_account.php for a 1 off agreement


MATC should be at checkout_shipping.php for a order by order agreement.

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Thank you for the fast reply.


Actually I installed MATC twice. One for create_account, where the user has to check the Privacy-politics-checkbox and one in the confirmation. The checkbox in create_account.php works well. But the checkout_confirmation checkbox doesn't (javascript disabled), because of the "disturbance" of the paypal module. Are you sure it's legal after german rights to place the checkbox in the shipping? I don't know, I will ask my lawyer. But I checked some bigger onlineshops, like redcoon.de or to mention an oscommerce_shop: www.future-x.de/futurex/ And they do it in the confirmation.


Nevertheless I think it's advisable to place the checkbox in the confirmation. It causes less buy cancellations, because the customers already filled out a lot of information and the last checkbox is a quick decision. "shall I really cancel the purchase and loose all the information I already filled in". In addition, I think very few people really read the Terms and Conditions. So it's all about providing purchase cancelations and to be legal. And if a customer is keen of reading the Conditions he can do it, because its linked in the footer. But that's only my Opinion, I am convincible if you have better arguments =)


I really want to know how future-x solved that problem. It seems they modded the addons I also used. I gave them a call and asked how they did it, but sadly they're holding this information back.


Someone got an idea? Thanks for all your efforts.

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