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The e-commerce.

Securimage on OSC 2.3.3


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I'm trying to add captcha in my online shop.


I used the addon in the following link:



In order to integrate securimage, I shall place at the top

of the contact_us.php file the following line:


<?php session_start ?>


If I don't do that, then the validation for secure image fails.http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?app=forums&module=post&section=post&do=new_post&f=1


But when i do

<?php session_start ?>



I notice that the basket of the customer

becomes empty (forgets all the products that were inserted previously)

and the language is not set correctly.


What shall I do in order to make this work?

The only problem is the "session_start".


Do you have any idea?

How could I avoid this problem with session_start?


Thanks, in advance

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I avoid like the plague any add-on that requires that I overwrite existing standard osC files with their version. It's OK to merge in code with my existing code base, but I'm not going to lose existing work and even run the risk of regression of code levels. Hell, I can't even understand half of what the author wrote because his English is so terrible.


It's possible that this code was written for PHP 5.2 or earlier, and isn't working with PHP 5.3 (if that's what you have). A lot of session-related stuff had to be changed for osC 2.3.3 to be PHP 5.3-compatible. You may want to either ask for a version that definitely works on PHP 5.3 and with osC 2.3.3, or go find another CAPTCHA to use.


Also note that CAPTCHAs, while better than nothing, no longer provide much protection. Forums that have used CAPTCHA for a while report that the spammers have pretty much broken them (can automatically read them), to the point where you have to crank up the "difficulty" level so high that your customers will have more trouble reading them than the bot does! I'm not saying outright to avoid using a CAPTCHA, just not to expect miracles from it (especially once the spammers decide to add a CAPTCHA-solver to their bots).

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