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Super Simple Checkout Upsell Contrib?


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Hi all!


I'm looking for a really simple upsell module/contribution - all I need it to do is recommend a product (as defined by me in some way) to the customer before they finish checking out, and give them the ability to add it to the order/total.


So for example, if they had got to the payment options page, a pop up or info box would show saying "hey would you like to buy this other product?"


I hope that makes sense... I don't really need any other types of cross-selling stuff you see, just this simple upsell bit at checkout.


If anyone has any ideas or can suggest a simple contribution that would be awesome!



Kitty :)

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Thanks for replying! There's actually only one product I need to promote at checkout you see - it's not related to any items that have been purchased, I want to offer the one item to every customer, and it doesn't matter what they're purchasing...


I just basically want it to say "here do you want to buy this, too?" - I am planning on offering the product listed at a cheaper price you see...

Mayhaps I'm misusing the term "upsell" - my idea is a little less complicated than arrays and conflicting upsells! (I thought!)


Thanks anyway for getting back to me.


Kitty :)

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Hi again!


That's magic, thank you :D


I don't want to be a pain, but is it easy for this to appear in a box, with an add to basket button? With an image of the product? I am probably asking a lot of your time, so if this is a problem don't worry! You have set me off in the right direction!


Thanks again!

Kitty :D

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