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losing product information when i log in or take too long filling out description


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So initially my only problem was "timing out" while filling out product descriptions. I have not installed any contributions recently, and the last installed was the discount code contribution about a month ago. I noticed this problem as of a week ago.


If i take more than (im going to guess) 10 minutes or so updating a product description, after i hit "save" i get kicked back to the admin login screen. After i log back in i am returned to the category screen and the product is blank. if i edit the product all the input fields are now empty and all the product information is gone.


I was unsure if this was standard or not so i started to fill them out faster and make copy the content before i saved. it did not continue to be a problem.


last week i spent a good hour or so formatting a product description product X. today i typed in the url to my admin folder and safari autofilled the url with /categories.php and oscadminid and some other stuff (i didnt stop to look) and i hit enter (had not had a problem with this before). this took me to one of the categories which contained product X and this product now had no information other than the image file.


Is this an error on my end or is this a flaw in oscommerce?

i know now to enter the exact url every time but its i have to battle safari for it.

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