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Taxcloud: order with options not being passed properly.


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I am using taxcloud.com services to calculate the tax rate based on zips.


I am having issues when i have an item with lets say a $200 base price with a $100 option. It will only do the tax calculation based on the $200 base price. I am a newbie at best when it comes to coding, can anyone put me in the right direction to figure out the issues? I have a feeling that it should be very simple.


Here is the link to the add on: http://dev.taxcloud.net/category/taxcloud-shopping-cart-integrations/oscommerce/

I'd also like to note the only other module installed is a iTransact, Inc payment module.



I have tried to contact Taxcloud but i haven't been able to get a hold of a technician.


Thanks for the help

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Hello, you can resolve this issue by modifying the code in ext/modules/TaxCloud/func.taxcloud.php. Near line 184 you should see the following code:


$cartItem->setPrice($product['price']); // Price of each item


This should be changed to the following to include the option:


$cartItem->setPrice($product['final_price']); // Price of each item


This will take care of your issue. If in the future you run into issues you can contact TaxCloud directly. Our contact phone number and email address is available at TaxCloud.net.



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