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Blank Page Problem


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It's difficult to say without access but I see you have added meta tags in the body section. That, by itself, won't cause the problem but my guess is that some edit was made in the includes/template_top.php file. I suggest uploading a known good version to help isolate the problem. The white page problem also usually happens if you upload the language file to the root. But I checked several pages and they are the same so that is probably not it but it wouldn't hurt to look.

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PHP died soon after outputting those two <meta> tags in the <body>. As Jack said, they should be up in the <head> and not the <body>. Did you manually add those to osC 2.3? If you did, you put them in the wrong place. "X-UA-Compatible" is something for IE bugs, and I don't know what "verify-v1" is (Google ads or something?). If you get them moved back to the <head>, there's a fair chance your site will work again. There may also be a PHP error involved with putting them in the wrong place. Do you have anything in any error log or error files on your site?


Consider rolling back everything to your 2.2 version. If you can get that working, how were you trying to get to 2.3? Was it the add-on? Were you manually editing the code? In the long run, you'd be better off installing plain 2.3.3 and then migrating your database to that level, and installing fresh copies of mods. It's a fair amount of work, but unless your 2.2 is very heavily modified, you'll be better off. Remember that the 2.2 to 2.3 upgrade does not give you a true 2.3 system, only a sort of "frankenstore".

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Hi Royce,


Maybe take a look at the files that you have modified for a white space first the header.php / index.php / template_top.php ? for some reason there does seem to be a space at the top although not sure why it should output anything at all.


He seems to be dying with the header.php call so pay special attention there !!!




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