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I am developing a site where people are more likely to search for items by manufacturers (designers in my case but I'll keep calling them manufacturers to kep it simple) rather than category, so on my index page a list of the manufacturers come up that then redirects them to a page that shows all of the manufactures proiducts (same as if you were to select a manufacturer from the dropdown list in the box on the left).


On this second page that has a url something like .../catalog/orders/index.php?manufacturers_id=12 I want to add a module at the bottom of the page like the "what's new in May" module on the index page, but that only shows items from that manufacturer.


If anyone knows of an addon that does this please let me know otherwise I would be really keen on giving it a go myself by modifying the new_products.php file into a manufacturers_new_products.php file (im learning in the fly and really enjoying the challenge, I've had varying success but admit that Im a complete noob)


the problem is that I dont know where I would actually put the call for the new file. I know in the index file they have the line;




and I get how this works so I assume i need to add a similar line to the bottom of the manufacturers product list but this list is not actually its own page is it (in the way that index.php is a page)? so where to i put this call and how do i get it to work just on the manufacturer's list page.


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



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