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Understanding Osc Terminology - Products


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Dear All:


I know what I want, but am lost trying to find it in Osc, or am missing the obvious.


I know it as a Product Add On, and if you search on those terms on Osc, you get a good

list of every product related Add On in the Osc universe.


What I need is a Product that does not have a Category as a Parent but a Product. An example

would be a T-Shirt, but for a fee you can add a monogram, and this option is only available to

specific Product Models. Oddly enough that's exactly what I need to do!


I'm very experienced with PHP/MySQL, and have customized Osc before, just not this way.


Could someone point me in the right direction?




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Option Types 2 is listed as being for 2.2 and although my recollection may be wrong, it did not seem to

work with my install (2.3.x). I'm about 8-10 hours from finishing with my own code mods, using a comment

to "stuff" in the information into the cart. (And I still need to understand why the Taxes are not showing correctly,

the GST and PST and being combined, although my modification to allow for PST exempt is working.)


Ultimately, I took on this "small" job which has had more curveballs, than the client has budget for. Like for example,

no SEO on the store, the client does not want it found thru google, and is password protected, talk about price




Oddly, after working with carts for so long, this is actually the first Canadian Oscommerce I have worked on,

and am suprised at the work required to handle the taxes. Luckily, for me, this store will only be for

Manitoba purchases, so I don't need to worry about HST.


Alas, the more I work with Osc the faster I get, no question Osc is not as user friendly as BigCommerce, but

Osc can be customized, whereas BC cannot (php wise).


Thanks for the help.

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