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Change Invoice?


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The company I work for recently changed their return/exchange policy, so I need to update the invoice to reflect it, and I have no idea how. I had a look at similar topics, but I have no idea how to edit the invoice.php, let alone what exactly I need to change (though I pick things like that up pretty quickly). Any help would be appreciated!

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If you have a copy of the store on a PC (which you should, as a backup -- download with FTP, such as Filezilla), and you know the text you're looking for, you can use findstr (Windows) or grep (Linux) to find the file that text is in. Both are "command line" utilities. Then you can edit the .php file (Notepad++, ViM, or even just Windows Notepad -- never Dreamweaver, Expression Web, etc.) to reflect the new policy, and upload it to the server (FTP with Filezilla, or your hosting may have a file upload button in their control panel's File Manager). Note that when you edit the text, that any apostrophes ' within the text need to be escaped: \'

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