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Tracing customer movements on site?


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Hi, all

Is there a plugin that records customer movements?

What I want to see is something similar to Google Analytics. I want to set goals and see what path customers take to get to the goal.

I also want to see what path do "leaving" customers take. What is the most common "last page", etc...

Ideally, I want to know not just the path, but what exactly they clicked. For example, to get back to home page, customer may click on "Home" button or on store logo.


Is there a plugin that does those sort of things?




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View Counter will do that. It's only just been released so the reports need some polishing. You need to know the ip of the person you want to track. If you don't record that, there is a quick addon for it. Then the path Tracker report will show all of their clicks for a given session.

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Would any of this fall under the EU's rules for tracking cookies, i.e., banned unless the user explicitly OKs it? I would think it possible, within a given site, to track movement without resorting to cookies, but you might want to check if any of the add-ons suggested above use cookies, for any use within the EU or other countries with data privacy laws. I can't see why intrasite tracking would raise any eyebrows, but you never know.

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