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Feedback for multimixer and Mini Template System


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I am using MTS for several months now, and I can recommend it to anyone, who wants to get fine and quick results. 

My experiences are, that it is possible for users, who don`t have the knowledge or the time to make changes in the source code, to have a lot of fantastic results using MTS regarding design and usability.


The support of George is fast and very good. You don't have the feeling, that you are alone, if something doesn't work.

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George/Multimixer has taken on various project in our osC store on and off for a couple years now. The MTS system is incredible and a joy to work with! He's breezed through any issue we have even if they were caused by old modifications or anything else. We recently recruited him to update our osC to 2.3.4 from 2.3.3 and it was a pleasure to have him flawlessly make the transition for us. Our store looks and functions phenomenally thanks to George and MTS. Thanks again!

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Use Multimixer's services to tweak a few things and add social media things to our. Long time user and supporter of George's services. Easy to work, excellent results

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Avoid Multimixer and MTS (Mini Template System) at any price! It is too bad!

Forgive me please my english and very INCOMPLETE recap of my experiences hereunder:

Multimixer is a very talented developer but is NOT part of the Oscommerce Community.
He will only develop what he deems interesting to him with no regards, no respect
for efforts made by the community or your own work. He is even disrespectful in regards
to work of very well known and great contributors.

MTS is advertised not to touch core files for easy integration of most existing OSC Add-ons.

It is a SHAME to give Oscommerce Ambassador and/or Partner Status to a single man,
so talented he may be, who is unable to work in a team. This leads to confusions
as one may think he is making a good choice.

I use Oscommerce now 10 years and like it very much, but be warned:
If you want a program (website that can NOT be upgraded) go for MTS. MTS according
to Multimixer, I learned 2 months ago, will never work on more that PHP 5.6.

I was in a hurry to get from my site 2.2 site to responsive 2.3.4 and choose MTS
because Bootstrap did not seem an option yet.

I had to wait 6 months before he started working. It took over a year altogether, though I
had already tested MTS before and had managed to have the latest MTS structure and all
my needed contributions working with an 2.3.4 upgraded DB.
You barely need any of MTS (very heavy and slow).
All features are great but are as for the design of no interest at all once your design
is set and final.

It would have been much more useful and coherent to develop separate packages even if
not free, meaning separating the design functionalities of MTS from the great features
that come with it, like all the management module (links, banners, etc) and so on.

I have used MTS for 2 years and what now? He tells me after several monthes' of astonishing
and repeated silences, to go to hell and find somebody else. Everybody has fmilies in life
and problems for sure, but it is not a reason to treat customers like sh...t.

My opinion:

He tries to show all kinds of interest for your project at the very beginning, but once
it is completed in his own views, you will not get anymore support unless you let him do
only what he wants.

Anecdotic examples.

1. His GDPR Module. I never heard of it before I accidentely had a look at his blog,
though I buyed MTS to be updated regularily about new features. By chance, I have enough
knowledge to help myself and as despite several mail, I did not hear anything from him for
almost a year, I had managed to get some of the GDPR adjustments myself.

2. Little design or MTS functionality issues. He needs never ending explantions, screenshots
and is never happy with what you give him to start working. He did not start yet though
he promised 2 month ago to do a last effort. If you change mind it is as though it is forbidden.
He tries to make you feel an idiot going in circles. Never any suggestions to
solve matters or if he agreed first then he pretends not knowing. Then he needs copies of
your site and ftp access. He does not know how to use SFTP. Once you have managed to install
a copy of your site on a test server with secured ftp access he refuses to log into it.

3. You need functionalities and Add-ons exists. You install them on his incitements and as
you ve done everything to make it work you need little adjustments on MTS side.
He says he is not interested in what those Oscommerce Add-ons do or pretends not knowing them.
Apparently he only wants to sell his own packages.

MTS is time consuming, heavy, not upgradable, slow. I asked he said ĥe could make it faster...
You don't need such a package as long as you don't want to sell your own templates, because
that is what it is for, saying rapidly setting up design templates:
And still you need quiet some knowledge to get working results.

Anyways the list is too long, but this little writing may bring the fox out of the hole.


Best regards


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Let me clarify my "statements"

It seems I d better make it clear now, especially if our charming multimixer is indeed runing a law
suit as he claims he is for diffamatory statements:
My feedback is exclusively my opinion. How should I know him, the facts or what he is. Never been able
to reach or speak to him other than through spare but never ending mails. So those are NO statements.

This feed back was in no way intended to destroy his reputation but exclusively for people to know
what I experienced and on advice of an other oscommerce developer. It is up to the reader to make his own
opinion by hiring him.

All I wanted is warn in expressing my experience as subjective as it may sound in my english. When I say he
is not part of oscommerce community, I hoped people could read between the lines i.e that he is on his
very own in developing MTS. So if you don't want to be left aside choose a team so that when one falls back
there remains option 2, which is better than a one man show. This is a principle oscommerce should know.

As for the rest and his attitude towards work of others that is also my opinion, the way he writes or NOT
about your efforts and those very big of others.

Correction in GDPR "statement". I mixed 2 purposes which are:

1. No news on GDPR MTS updates (It came out in july 2018) but he was working on it before
2. A chance that with my few knowledge I was able to cope with monthes/years of no news
   despite innumerable unanswered requests per mail with still no explanations why.
He if has something to say like excuses or add by other means than through his lawyer, I ll be glad for him,
and foremost if he brings support and updates for PHP 7 ! Good customers except good support 😉

Best regards.


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  • 2 months later...

I have been rejuvenating my old OSC with a responsive template from George/Multimixer for the last few days, as my shop was not configured for mobile devices. Now it works great. I didn't manage it myself, because the MTS is quite big. But with gerorge's help we got it under control. So many thanks again and with it also my recommendation who wants to do something like this.

best regards from germany

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About two years ago, George designed for a new product and service, a responsive shop, based on mts, for us. We gave him "carte blache" to do the work. He understood perfectly the product/service and the target customer group. He designed a clear nice shop, which nailed exactly "the hammer on the head". Everything went smooth, no problems at all, neither in communication nor in timeline.

Right now he re-designed two other shops for us. It took small communication, George knows how to do things right.

Our recommendation is: if you're looking for a good responsive design from scratch for your new webshop - ask George. If you're looking for a re-design for your existing shop - ask George.

Not more to say from a satisfied customer.

Stefan M. Schulz


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  • 1 month later...

Contacted George to arrange for the install of one his modules and some tweaks to my site.  As usual good communication, install works well. Almost 6 years of using George's services and timely advice.

Very satisfied, thanks again


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I have been using oscommerce v2.3.4 with MTS for almost 3 years and oscommerce much longer.    I have many mods besides mini template system and I have always received quick help resolving the many  conflicts caused by other mods.  And George has always been quite patient with me while I was learning.  I appreciate you very much.  In my opinion there is nothing better for those that want their own ecommerce system.   Do not blame George for the inadequacies of OSCommerce.  Without MTS we would would have no support what so ever.  

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  • 8 months later...

Firstly, I joined this forum on February 17, 2005.  Although I don't usually post, I can honestly say that I have always found George-Multimixer at MTS, to be POLITE. He has always been attentive to my emails and sure loves to OVER-DELIVER!  His service really is unbelievable and second to none, which is why I have since bought another package from him.

Secondly, I started using Multimixer and his modern Mini Template System in June 2012 on two of my websites.  Over the 7 years, I have always found MTS to be totally compatible with OSC and 100% reliable.  And it certainly updated the old fashioned look of the OSCommerce blue and grey format which I had used before.  Plus with the modern look of MTS it integrated perfectly with OSC. Which meant that orders went up straight away, a big plus for me!

Thirdly, since 2005, I have only been charged once for updating a few things on MTS which I had personally ordered and requested. Which George gave me the price beforehand and as usual, the Mini Template System job was done with SPEED, EFFICIENCY and total HONESTY.

For example, someone recently got into one of my OSC stores and somehow changed my password. I desperately tried to get in all day but without any joy!  (This has happened to me before with Netscape, but thank God Netscape have now disappeared? As their service was NON-EXISTANT and no replies to emails, at that time I lost my business email of 5 years!  So you can imagine how it was...)

However, after no joy getting back into my store, I finally gave up at 3.30 am. But just before going to bed I had an idea and remembered good old George = Multimixer.  So I quickly shot Multimixer an email and went to bed.

Unable to sleep, I awoke at 9 am and decided to try to get in again.  Still, in my pyjamas, I opened my Gmail... What a relief... Multimixer HAD ALREADY RESOLVED THE ISSUE!!!  And gave me my new password.  When I thanked him and asked for the bill, he just wrote back and said "You owe me nothing! Have a nice weekend."  So don't try to tell me that you don't get good service from George and MTS!


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