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Feedback for multimixer and Mini Template System


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I'm happy to have the chance to open this topic and get feedback in public about my work and about the services I offer


In case you are a Mini Template System user or in case I did some work for you please feel free to write about your experience


How was the communication? Did I came back to your questions? Did I help with planning the project? Did I deliver the work within the time scheduled? Was the pricing reasonable? Did I took care of any issues and problems? Do I keep following up after the work was delivered?


Most important, the quality of work, is everything working as it should? Are you happy with my work?


I would really appreciate if you would take the time to write a couple of sentences, good or bad, whatever it is




Please do not post questions or enquiries here. You can contact me via my profile or via my partner page and I'll be happy to get back to you

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I used multimixer to help me set up a oscommerce/Mini Template System web store and a web page.

Multimixer is very easy to deal with, quick and precise in his responses and he's charges are very moderate (low). The web shop has been running for about 6 months without a single support issue.


Before finding Multimixer I tried to get help from "kids" here in Sweden who claimed they could do it, but failed miserably.


I can strongly recommend you to use his services.


Richard, Sweden (47 years, senior executive with lots of IT knowledge)

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Over 5 years I have setup a few OsC stores and they were all just average. Then I set one up using a template and it was painful.


Then I got onto the Mini Template System and gave it a try. Incredible results (After a little guidance from multimixer!) and any issues were sorted out quickly, including some custom built modules. Initially a test site was setup where multimixer assisted with getting everything on the right track and from there, it was all so simple.


Changing things in the Mini Template System is usually straight forward and if I do have a question, the response time is always very good.


I would recommend that anyone looking for a simple solution to setting up an OsC store take the plunge and give the Mini Template System a go. You won't look back.


Since my initial purchase of the Mini Template System, I have done another 3 sites and all were done in record time, all due to the mini template system. More happy customers.


Where I used to do OsC sites when asked, I now go looking for the work. It really is that easy to use and that well done.


Brilliant piece of work! Thanks George!


Dwane - Australia.

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I have utilized George's services on many occassions. From using his Mini Template System to solving other issues on my site, his service is impecable. I cannot express enough what a fantastic customer service orientation George has. He is patient and understanding with us less technical types and gets to the root of the problem quickly.

George is extremely fair in his rates and quickly finds solutions to whatever issues you may be encountering. I could not be happier than to have been fortunate enough to have found George and to utilize his services. I had dealings with other developers who would gladly take your money and never perform. George however solves your issues promptly and professionally.

Thank you for everything George, and I look forward to many more years of collaboration.

Ross - United States

TGI Designs, e-commerce site

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I set up a osComerce site and was in need of assistance to improve my site's presentation and front end look, and found Mulimixer and his Mini Template System. George offered us a solution and proposal to help us with our problems. Multimixer installed and delivered his MTS as per our discussion and we were up and running in a day. Emails were promptly replied to and we are very pleased to have found him. In our case George felt that a tutorial would be beneficial to me to help me improve my skills and a Skype meeting was arranged and I had the priviledge of working one and one with him.


Working with the Mini Template System is now straight forward and if I do have a question or an issue, the response time to my emails is always very good, thanks for the thorough guidance George


Multimixer's standard of work and service is first class, his follow up is top notch. Definitely full value.


Customer feed back on my site is good visual appearance, easy to navigate and find what they are looking for. Within 3 hours of going live with our site we had our first order.


Others offering their services on this forum could and should be aware of George's standard of professional service.


Lloyd - Canada

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I am very pleased with the quality of service/work that George at (MTS Mini Template System) has provided me. He was very helpful in getting MTS up and running to my specifications and to meet a dead line.


George was responsive and very concerned with my needs and assisting when changes needed to be made to my site.


I would recommended installing the (MTS) Mini Template System, it will make your life easier when using Oscommerce.


I look forward to doing business with George for years to come.

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I am currently setting up a store using the Mini Template System.


I am a novice with LOTS of questions (new to CSS, new to php, new to jQuery; but I do have a firm grasp of HTML basics and folder structure). The Mini Template System has allowed a novice such as I to have a professional looking shop complete with fly-out menus (I'm still tickled with that one! :D ) and custom colors without making adjustments to the CSS file.


There has still been a large learning curve for me, but multimixer has been very helpful by responding to my questions in a timely fashion with thorough instructions for me to follow in order to do what I want (sometimes, even with a sample when I didn't understand! :thumbsup: ).


I have also requested a custom job to be done and he preformed the work in the time he stated and was quite reasonable in the price.


Altogether, I am quite happy with both the system and the creator. :)

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I am very pleased with MTS, the customization work done, and the communication.


George went above and beyond to help me. I was really impressed when he trusted me to make a late payment for some work that was done. Not too many people would do that considering I'm a couple thousand miles away. :thumbsup: He also was able to implement addons to work with MTS. I love the file upload!!


I don't know anything about web development, and I think that the way MTS was done makes it easy for customers like myself to design a site without changing any of the core oscommerce code.


Just wanted to say thanks for the hard work and making it affordable for small business owners like myself to maintain a website.


I went thru 3 websites that were broken because of bad addons, bad developers, ect. I'm gald to have found George and MTS!! No problems now..smooth sailing!! :D


I would recommend and I have George to anyone looking for web development!! :thumbsup:

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I cant thank him enough for his 24/7 help and support and all (free) customization that he made for me - he refused to take money for all customizations beside start price for MTS . So i think that this fact say all about his honesty and commintment to customer satisfaction .


I can recomand MTS to everyone who wish to work with OSC.


If i would not found him, i will already move to Magento, so now with MTS i will wait for OSC 3.0 :)


You can look here multilanguage MTS in action : Moto akumulatorji Ebax shop


Thx agin for youre help !

Baterije & Akumulatorji OsCommerce store

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I am a novice at e commerce.


I searched the web and came across multimixer. I immediately bought a template from Mini Template Systems and George helped me through the process getting it installed.


George is fantastic! He always replies to my questions within 12- 24 hours. George does not get irritated with me asking silly questions all the time. He explains every question in detail.


Thanx George!!!


Mini Template System is an easy interface in getting a fantastic e Shop going. Well done. I can recommend it to anyone.

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George does an amazing job and offers an incredibly quick service.


All problems I had with setting up my website were solved quickly and easily.


A very opened and gentle person and a reliable business man.


I recommend MiniTemplateSystem!! Great work!

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BIG thanks to George for all his advice and help.

As a group of company’s we have 6 web sites running, two of which are with osCommerce using the mini template system. We are about to move a third one over. What a simple system to use, I am still discovering things on MTS. My aim is to have all our sites converted.

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When looking for a free platform to setup a online store, found osc but not the stock UI. Found MTS and attracted by the front page design flexibility and user interface. I bought a copy but knowing little about php/html or web design, installing or changing any files on the server is no small task. Emailed George and he did the installation immediately. Throughout the process of making my store online, George did countless improvement and troubleshooting, free of charge. His response is always prompt!


Besides his expertise in osc, his sense of the the web design is second to none!


I like the MTS and I got a lot more than what I bought: the services George delivered and the feeling of ease that someone expert support is there for you!

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After losing my entire store from a hosting change, I started from scratch again with the basics, and again and again due to errors... frustrated I started to try to get some help. I ran across the Mini Template System and had a discussion with the creator about the look and design I was seeking. Within a few short days, I had exactly what I was looking for and at a reasonable set up fee. The small changes I have made since then, were so easy with the Mini Template System and when I wanted something added that was beyond my scope of abilities, the cost was reasonable and done in a timely manner. I love the osCommerce platform and with the Mini Template System, it takes all the guess work and allows for a custom appearance and flowing use. I highly recommend the Mini Template System.

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George is a super star! Thank goodness for him and the Mini Template System! My website is now something I am proud of and happy to show off. George updated my OSC store, installed many modules and showed me how to use them! With his guidence I have much more control over the content of my site! I looked locally for someone the help me for over 3 years! I am super thankful to find MTS and George!!

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I installed oscommerce, and after many attempts at customizing it to my liking I wasn't satisfied with the results. I didn't have any traffic and the site didn't work well. So I used the oscommerce forums to find answers to my problems, and here I met (George Multimixer) who helped me out with expert advice. A collaboration was born, which in time has developed to a friendship. George's professionalism, competence, timely support and affordable pricing are second to none. Today I am extremely satisfied of my website performance, especially seeing how my sales volume has increased after implementing George's suggestions.

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I love my template from Mini template Systems :heart: its design is exactly how i had it in my head.


I have had various oscommere websites for many years and always had to change the front page coding every time a new season of stock came in or sales started or even bored of the colour scheme.


With the ease of this system my staff can make the changes without me :) this has freed up my time to continue with my addons and having the knowledge that this system has not change my shop core coding too much, helps with making the changes.


Customer service of Mini System Template is excellent and I would recommend George's service to anyone as he exceeds his parameters of the Product by helping modify existing modules to fit and work well with no conflicts and also adds extras if they enhance your site.


George is a pleasure to work with and has the patience of a Saint if you can’t quite get a across what you need and want. Lucky you if you get a chance to work with him, He’s a Star. :thumbsup:

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George is a great developer and went beyond the usual scope of customer service by helping me implement the Mini Template System on the site I developed. This took some time and I was surprised at how much time and energy he spent helping. This is a great system and is worth learning to use. Thanks again George for everything and I am glad we were able to make it happen!

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The Mini Template System is a MUST to have for anyone that is using osCommerce. I've been using osCommerce since 2005 (started with original one and only few month ago upgraded to 2.3.3). I have tried to implement template from monstertemplates ... ohhh man that was a BIG mistake. Thank god I first tried that on a 2nd temporary osCommerce that was not running my actual store. The Monster Templates had SOOO many bugs that after trying to get it working for few days I simply gave up as there was no real support and the source codes were a plain mess. I then turned to Mini Template System and all I can say is WOW. It took me about 30 min to configure it and my site was instantly taken out of the dark ages. Over the next few days I would make some tweeks here and there in order to customize the look. With few questions that I had I contacted George (Multimixer) via e-mail and I would always hear a response within a short time. He helped me figure out few custom things that I had to make to my site (osCommerce) and most recently even helped me with an issue that had nothing to do with his Mini Template System but another module. I highly HIGHLY recommend purchasing the Mini Template Systems add-on for your osCommerce as it will be the most valuable module that you can poses. You can see how it transformed my site by visiting www.AntiqueCeilings.com.

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I am really amazed with George/Multimixer's MTS.

He offers astonishing courtesy and competence. As soon as I saw MTS I knew I wanted it.

I have installed it and after a while I wrote to Multimixer with some questions. I was wondering if they would ever answer at all (well, you can't expect much, if you consider how cheap MTS is) but he did. Immediately.

He answered all my questions and kept an open availability to give support and suggestions.

He also helped installing addons which I couldn't possibly do myself.

I love Mini Template System! It is simple to use and I really enjoy configure it. And knowing that I can count on Multimixer's support makes me happy.

I couldn't think a better option for my eshop!

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Having decided to finally update a very old OS store, I decided on the mini system because I did not want to revert to hacking into a template in order to make it more unique. I was also very loathe to purchase a template from some of the companies I have seen, particularly those who didn't have any thorough contact details or payment info.


The installation was straightforward and the instructions for it easy to follow, and everything worked first time. The system is well written and intuitive.


There are so many different ways in which to change things that I asked for help, and the response was quick, friendly, and helpful. I'm still playing around to try to come up with the 'perfect look', happy in the knowledge that should I need a little extra help, the support system is there.

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I am extremely happy with the Mini Template System, it has allowed me to make beautiful shoping carts on the fly. It is so flexible and George's support is amazing, he aswers all my question right away. The Mini Template System truly makes osCommerce stand out above other shoping carts, so easy to use. George has installed several addons for me and has done it in a timely maner and the cost has been very fair.

Thank you George!


Eva Gustafsson - Miami, Florida

All Design Studio

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I am so happy I found George and MTS! :thumbsup:

I am still in a process to get my shop online, but without his help I don't think I could do it.


Excellent support and service from a person that know what he is doing. Thanks also for your patience with all my questions!

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:D :thumbsup: :sparkles:


George is an awesome man, very professional, patient and has excellent communication skill. By far, the only person online who's helped me in every step of the way in setting up my web storefront. He's been very helpful to me and I'm determine to learn and push through finishing my storefront because George has not left me hanging in the process. What's good about him too is that he knows his stuff and he can easily guide me through my many confusing moments. (w00t)


He changed my view in dealing with people online. So many scams out there and MTS & his services aren't scams.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MTS & George' services to anyone. :)


Thanks George for everything and thanks in advance for your future assistance! B)


Kudos to you! :thumbsup:

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I have been creating OSCommerce websites for over 10 years now and have recently stumbled upon the Mini Template System. I have been hugely impressed with this!


Basically, the system allows someone with limited design skills (like myself) to take a standard installation and make it look very professional at the click of a button (that click being activate template)!

Once this is done, you can choose from many themes which are available (or even create your own) and then tweak these, changing background colours, text colours etc...


Installation couldn't be easier - if you have the standard scripts installed you can simply overwrite them with the MTS versions. Alternatively, if you already have custom code, there are very detailed installation instructions - I followed these and had no problems.


I have been in contact with George many times and can say that he is very helpful indeed and well beyond the scope of standard support in my opinion.


I would highly recommend the Mini Template System as an excellent enhancement to the already very versatile OSCommerce platform.





p.s. if you want to see how easy it is to use, check out the demo store at http://minitemplatesystem.com/demo-store/

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