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The e-commerce.

Application to see instantly the result & price of a custommade product


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Hello everybody,


My name myriam I'm 25 years old and I'm a basic computer-user... But I want to learn.


I have a projet & I want to create my own business. The principe of my business is to offer to people the possibility to custom online their products and then to order it.


That's why I need an application which allows me to show to the clients the results of their creation (design & price).


I do create dresses. There will be 3-4 basic models they can custom. They can choose the sleeves, the collar, the fabric & its color, the embroidery style & color etc. There will be thousand of possiblities. Each piece will have a price (basic models have a basic price, and then each sleeve-style have a price, each collar have a price, each fabric quality etc...). I want to show my clients the design & the price instantly. I'll also have to create a big database and to be able to change this database when I need to, so it has not to be too much complicated (I don't want to call my web-designer/developper each time I want to change something in). I would like my clients to login and have the possibility to save their creation before order it.


Here's 2 examples of same business:





My question is.... Do some application like the one I need already exist? Is it complicated to create? Do somebody create it here? Do I have to take a private web-designer ...


I'm not yet user of OsCommerce... But if there is a possibility to have such an application by using OsCommerce I'll try here.


Please excuse my english... I'm a french native speaker :)


Thank you in advance!

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The reference sites you mentioned have a customized product selection process that would require custom coding to accomplish. However, you could create something similar by using Options as Images (available in the add on area of this website) to create something similar.





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I agree with Chris, what you want is quite hard to achieve without (a lot of) custom coding. I'm afraid that even the add-on Chris mentioned won't suffize...


Je suis d'accord avec Chris, ce que tu veux atteindre est très difficile sans (beaucoup de) codage d'un prof. Je crains même que l'add-on dont Chris parle ne suffira pas...

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