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Almost done my upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3


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Hey everyone, I'm in the process of upgrading my store from 2.2ms2 to 2.3.3... I installed a fresh 2.3.3 and have it running with all my addon's and contributions installed with the stock DB.


I double checked by comparing all tables in the 2 databases to be sure and then proceeded to "test" upgrade my live 2.2 database using the scripts found here; http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8731


To be extra cautious I don't screw anything up with the configuration tables etc I then created a new fresh copy of my working 2.3.3 DB emptied all the address book, categories, customers, discount_coupons, headertags, manufactures, orders, prodcuts, reviews and specials etc etc... tables.


I then dumped these same tables from my earlier upgraded 2.2 DB in there place... Everything seemed to work... (it wasn't that bad actually).


The only thing I notice is the size of the database is larger... almost 5 mg larger.


I didn't bring any of the sessions or cache tables over... Is this because of adding varchar 255?


What have other people experienced?

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if you use on the new utf8 based tables dont forget that utf8 is multibyte characters (at least on 2 bytes).

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Thank you @@Gergely


I'm trying a different route now... I have always used the discount_coupon_to_customer exclusions and now see how HUGE it is. So I think I may truncate all the exclusions (that one table is much bigger than the increase from the upgrade...lol)


I notice something else maybe you could help with? The product descriptions from 2.2 have some basic html (<p> for example)... and seems to be translating in 2.3 with an indent - should the html be stripped and a WYSWYG editor be installed? I never had one in 2.2... Is this typical for 2.3?


As an example;


Starting a new paragraph in 2.2.... is..


Starting a new paragraph in 2.3


Not a huge big deal... but it doesn't look right.



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